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A Discussion, Jen Liu and Meredyth Sparks
June 13, 21 and July 19 and 26, 2015

Discussion continues Jen Liu and Meredyth Sparks’ exploration of current feminist discourse through a series of screenings, readings and conversations centered on artistic production. Central to these discussions is a (re)thinking of art history through the lens of feminist concerns: what are the possibilities, processes, implications of reclamation, recovery, and rewriting, and relationships and responsibilities to preceding artists. Through historical and contemporary texts, images, film and video, we will address four thematic categories – Misattribution (Claiming), Following, Forgetting, and Future TBD – as guides for specific selections of material and initiators of broader exchange. We will consider attempts to integrate 'recovered' female artists into the historical canon, the implications of correcting misattributions of artworks, and the complicated relationship of second and third wave practices and personae to contemporary art discourses and expanded/intersectional identity positions. Readings and links will be sent one week in advance of meetings and attendance is by RSVP to for the whole series, or individual sessions.

June 13, Misattribution (Claiming)
Misattribution starts with the structural problems that arise in attempts to integrate “recovered” artists into the canon and to “correct” the record. When we claim originary status to the work of female artists of the past, how does it alternately affect the perception of the individual corpus and/or the canon?

June 21, Following
In Following, we will discuss our complicated relationship to 2nd and 3rd Wave discourses and aesthetics, whether it is characterized by cooperation, competition, homage or hostility. While it is crucial to discuss the work of artists that have come before, this session will explore the difficulties in revisiting some of these works, which strike at the heart of what was/is/should be and could be feminist.

July 19, Forgetting
Forgetting will focus on issues around the act of forgetting as a possible proactive necessity. What are the psychological and intellectual stakes of forgetting, as questions of worth get linked to the advance of future possibilities? As practitioners, we are largely left to determine what is to be preserved and discarded, a position that is fraught with problematic responsibilities.

July 26, Future TBD
Future TBD will follow through on any loose threads from prior sessions, while orienting us towards future paths in discourse and identity. We will solicit prior attendees for suggestions, while anchoring ourselves with pieces and texts that seem to look forward while keeping an eye on the past.