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October 19, 2014

Say My Name: digital subjectivity
Organized by Conversations With Women and failed projects

This is the second in a tripartite series of thematic, speculative discussions in the context of All My Little Words organized by Conversations With Women and failed project. These conversations aim to bring together alternative viewpoints, skipping from politics to play to theory and everything in between. Non-prescriptive thematic prompts for the three conversations and notes from the discussions can be found below and on Conversations With Women.

"Research into the alienating nature of the Internet—and Facebook in particular—supports Kross’s conclusion. In 1998, Robert Kraut, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, found that the more people used the Web, the lonelier and more depressed they felt. After people went online for the first time, their sense of happiness and social connectedness dropped, over one to two years, as a function of how often they used the Internet." -Maria Konnikova, "How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy," The New Yorker

“The history of women being harassed and attacked on the Internet because of their gender goes back way further than Anita Sarkeesian, of course — she’s just the most recent and prominent example of a vocal woman being shouted down because, well, she’s a woman. It proves yet again Simone de Beauvoir’s observation that “humanity is male and man defines woman not in herself but as relative to him” — men on the Internet are the default, and women are defined by being something that men are not. If men are attacked, it’s never done in a gendered manner. With women, it’s virtually nothing but.” -Tom Hawking, "#Gamergate is Everything That’s Wrong With the Internet," Flavorwire